One Week Power Trip Workshop-Campus visits-Network
                   One Week Power Trip  Workshop-Campus visits-Network

Intern Abroad et nos stagiaires

“Pour le moment tout se passe très bien même si comme dans toute nou­velle aven­ture il y a un temps d’adaptation. L’accueil de Christophe est par­fait et j’espère que l’on va faire du bon boulot . Ce ne sont pas les pro­jets qui manquent. 
Encore merci à vous et votre équipe pour m’avoir trouvé ce stage” 

Chris, Intern 2014, Miami

''Hi, I'm doing very well, everything is great ! I received my visa just on time for my trip. Its my 3rd day and I'm so excited! My colleagues are very welcoming and helpful. I'm very happy with my internship. I already have some tasks to do and I'm working closely with my team. Thank you for your support throughout the process ! It was very helpful!''

 Radina, Intern 2014San Fran­cisco

“Intern Abroad helped me ful­fill­ing my dream: doing an intern­ship in San Fran­cisco. They found me a place where I could do research in Inter­net Mar­ket­ing for my grad­u­a­tion assign­ment. Next to this assign­ment I also helped with the daily activ­i­ties of the com­pany. Intern Abroad con­tacted me on a reg­u­lar basis, ask­ing how I was doing. Their ser­vice is great and the per­sonal touch makes you feel at home immediately!”

Miriam, Intern 2013–2014, San Fran­cisco

''Un grand merci a toute l'equipe d'InternAbroad de m'avoir aide dans la recherche d'un stage qui correspond parfaitement a mes attentes.
Toujours la pour repondre rapidement a vos questions, vous pouvez vous reposer sereinement sur leur solide experience.
Alors un grand  merci poru votre professionnalisme et votre bonne humeur.'' 

Chris, Intern 2014, Miami  


“First of all, i’d like to high­light the very good job the whole team from Intern Abroad USA did. They quickly found me a one-year intern­ship, which was manda­tory from my Busi­ness School. They per­fectly man­aged it by ana­lyz­ing and tar­get­ing my needs then intro­duc­ing me to the com­pany i’m cur­rently work­ing for. I first apply to some French agen­cies but i was really dis­ap­pointed by the cus­tomer rela­tion­ship. The Intern Abroad USA agency is set­tled in the USA since the last 10 years and I think it’s a real plus regard­ing a closer rela­tion­ship with the com­pa­nies there. This aspect def­i­nitely increases the qual­ity of the pro­posed intern­ships, i can tell you! Overall, thank you so much to Leslie and her team!”

David, Intern 2012–2013, San Francisco   

“Hav­ing just recently grad­u­ated uni­ver­sity i wanted to do some­thing dif­fer­ent whilst still work­ing to build a career in the Video Games Indus­try. Intern Abroad helped me find a place­ment in a small agency where i could explore dif­fer­ent career options and then helped me get a lot of hands on expe­ri­ence. Thanks to Intern abroad i was able to get a great place­ment in the Video Games Indus­try, work and meet some fan­tas­tic peo­ple and finally be able to travel and dis­cover San Francisco!”

Sophie, Intern 2011–2012San Fran­cisco

“So far i am really enjoy­ing the inter­ship as the job is as i expected: It enables me to apply the knowl­edge that I have learnt and also enables me to see the busi­ness world all in real rather than in theory. So every­thing is fine so far and I am now in my Christ­mas hol­i­days now. I would keep in touch with you if there is any problem.
Thank you and happy Christmas. Best wishes. 
Simon, Intern 2011, Los Ange­les
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